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Type of Project: Habitat Reserve

This forested property 1.5 miles from the ocean includes both banks of a salmon-bearing stream. The landowner who donated the first 36 acres was on a first-name basis with several ancient Sitka spruce trees here. Her generosity inspired neighbors to donate 10 adjoining acres, multiplying the conservation impact.

History of Butte Creek

In 2011, Sue Gabriel of Neskowin purchased a 32-acre forested parcel near her home with the goal of protecting a
beloved ancient Sitka spruce she calls Heshe. In the process she also protected a portion of both banks of Butte Creek (a
stream with spawning coho salmon), the adjacent riparian corridor, and associated upland forest.

Sue began looking for an organization to which she could donate what she calls HeSheland, another special grove she
calls Qtopia, and a smaller nearby parcel also along Butte Creek for protection in perpetuity. In summer 2016 North
Coast Land Conservancy was able to accept Sue’s generous donations of land and financial support. Her commitment
guarantees that NCLC will be able to manage this land in perpetuity for the conservation values it possesses.

Inspired by the generosity and vision of their friend Sue Gabriel, in 2018 Jane and Jack Casey donated a 10-acre
property lying between the two existing Butte Creek parcels. The creek runs through this grove of forest as well. The
entire three-part habitat reserve lies within 1.5 miles of the ocean shore. Sue and the Caseys represent the type of
enthusiastic landowner NCLC treasures working with to protect important habitats along the Oregon Coast.

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