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From Summit to Sea

The Marine Program of NCLC

On the Oregon Coast, our ecology, geology, and ways of life are shaped heavily by the influence of the Pacific Ocean. We know everything that happens on land impacts the adjacent marine environments, and vice versa. That’s why our work at NCLC doesn’t stop at the coastline. We are invested in caring for our ocean shores, rocky intertidal areas, and beyond.

Conservation at Cape Falcon Marine Reserve

Currently, our efforts around marine conservation are connected with the Cape Falcon Marine Reserve, one of five marine reserve sites in Oregon that are managed by the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife. The Cape Falcon Marine Reserve is adjacent to the well-known and loved Oswald West State Park, between Cannon Beach and Manzanita.

The Marine Program of NCLC was established in 2022, when we took the marine reserve under our wing. We strive to continue the stewardship of, as well as advocacy and education around, the site that was supported several years by the Friends of Cape Falcon Marine Reserve.

Our Vision for Marine Conservation

As we continue to prioritize connectivity between coastal habitats, we are seeking the ways our conservation and stewardship work can encompass marine ecosystems, in addition to those found on land.

Our Marine Program focuses on supporting new science, engaging people in celebration and stewardship of tide pools and rocky intertidal life, and taking action to support Oregon’s ocean health—because every time you take in two breaths, one of them was provided by the ocean.