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Oct 30, 2014

One of North Coast Land Conservancy’s largest conserved properties is now a 387-acre expanse of forest and subalpine meadow high on Onion Peak, directly east of the community of Arch Cape in southern Clatsop County. The property is owned by … finish reading Conservation High on the Coastal Edge

The Gearhart Fen is the largest contiguous wetland of its kind remaining on the Oregon Coast. And it is now the location of North Coast Land Conservancy’s largest expanse of conserved lands. On October 31, The Nature Conservancy’s Oregon office … finish reading Expanding our footprint in the Gearhart Fen

Bradley Bog, on the southeastern fringe of Sand Lake estuary in Tillamook County, hosts one of Oregon’s best remaining examples of a young pine forest with a densely mixed vegetated coastal wetland. Plants growing here include the northernmost population of … finish reading Collaborating to conserve Sand Lake Estuary

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The Oregon Coast is a landscape in constant flux. How has the coast changed through time? Since our arrival more than 10,000 years ago, how have humans experienced, adapted to, and altered the natural landscape? These questions are at the … finish reading Series to Examine Oregon Coast’s Heritage

Oct 31, 2014

When Gearhart nature photographer Neal Maine looks at a tree, what he sees isn’t just a static object but a story—an adventure story, one full of unexpected plot twists and plenty of character development. Take this crabapple tree growing in NCLC’s … finish reading The Adventures of Trees

Oct 16, 2014

Thank you to the 9 hardy volunteers who ventured out on a wet Wednesday morning yesterday to clear invasives and pick up trash at our Salt Grass Meadow Habitat Reserve! Salt Grass Meadow is a small but significant property that contributes … finish reading A Wet Fall Stewardship Success

Sep 26, 2014

Randy Curs is our neighbor on the Clatsop Plains, between Gearhart and Warrenton. More than a neighbor, really; our 106-acre Reed Ranch habitat reserve surrounds Randy’s own ranch on three sides. And Randy is our mower, cutting down the  invasive Scotch broom we’re working to … finish reading Reed Ranch Diary

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