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Rainforest Reserve

ACCESS: open to the public

Type of Project: Habitat Reserve

The Rainforest Reserve conserves a vast area of temperate rainforest, including forests, high meadows and seeps harboring rare plant and animal species. Together with other adjacent conserved lands, it is part of a continuous conservation corridor stretching from the mountain peaks to the nearshore ocean.

Creating the Rainforest Reserve

As of Fall 2021, North Coast Land Conservancy acquired 3,500 acres of temperate rainforest, creating Oregon’s own Rainforest Reserve. Together with an adjacent state park and marine reserve, it helps form a continuous 32-square-mile conservation corridor stretching from the summits of coastal-fronting mountains to the nearshore ocean.

This accomplishment came at the end of a $12.1 million capital campaign that involved support and donations from hundreds of individuals, groups, and organizations.

Diverse Plants and Animals

Within this evergreen realm thrives a complex community of plants and animals—from dragonflies to elk and eagles. Some of the plant and animal species found in the Rainforest Reserve live nowhere else on the planet.