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Seaside Mill Ponds

ACCESS: guided only

Type of Project: Facilitated

The Mill Ponds are part of a contiguous 55-acre expanse of NCLC-protected wetlands in the Neawanna Creek system.

The Mill Ponds at the south end of Seaside originated early in the 20th century as rock borrow pits for construction of the Astoria airport; later the ponds became part of a lumber planning and shingle mill operation. After the mill burned down and the site’s new owner proposed a light industrial park at the site, NCLC began exploring the possibility of conserving the ponds, which are connected to Neawanna Creek and provide habitat for a wide range of wildlife, including migrating salmon.

In June 1999, NCLC acquired the site and immediately transferred ownership to the City of Seaside. NCLC has since conducted extensive wetland restoration efforts at the Mill Ponds, which continue to be managed for their natural values.