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Become a Sustaining Steward

Sustaining Stewards are the people who guarantee that the lights stay on and the conservation continues, day in and day out, at North Coast Land Conservancy. If you make automatic recurring contributions to NCLC, you’re a Sustaining Steward.

Why? It’s an easy way for a donor committed to NCLC’s mission to have a big impact. It provides NCLC with predictable income. In short, it’s a seamless way for someone with a philanthropic impulse and a love for NCLC to make a significant difference in conservation on the Oregon Coast.

Sustaining Stewards can increase, decrease, or stop donations at any time with a phone call or by emailing nclc@nclctrust.org. Click the DONATE button at NCLCtrust.org and indicate that you would like to make a recurring donation. For the most impact, set up recurring monthly deposits that come directly from your bank; call us at 503-738-9126 to ask how. Thank you!



Jeff Roehm, Portland

“My decision to make monthly donations was my way of telling NCLC that they could count on me. If lots of people decide to do it, it makes a big difference. Funding gets more predictable. Work is easier to plan. Goals are easier to set.”




Corey and Meadow Davis, Manzanita

“We support NCLC because we believe in future generations enjoying the natural wonders of our environment as much as we have, or hopefully even more! We are Sustaining Stewards because it’s easy to budget a set amount each month, and we like knowing that NCLC can depend on a regular income stream to accomplish its mission.”


“I love what NCLC does! And if my body would behave better, I’d be out there digging and planting and hiking with other NCLC folks. My sustaining contribution lets me be with everyone who’s doing the hard physical work—in spirit!”

Laurie Caplan



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