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NCLC Celebrates Coast Legacy Circle

Coast Legacy Circle members gathered for brunch at the Loft at the Red Building in Astoria on May 11. 


Donors of North Coast Land Conservancy utilize a variety of means to financially support our mission of “helping to conserve Oregon’s coastal lands, forever.”

One invaluable way is by including NCLC in their estate planning. These generous donors are known as our Coast Legacy Circle.

On May 11, we gathered at Astoria’s Loft at the Red Building, overlooking the majestic Columbia River, to celebrate our Coast Legacy Circle members and the contributions they’ve promised through planned giving. It was our first in-person gathering for this special group in two years.

Executive Director Katie Voelke gave a warm welcome to guests as they dined on a delicious brunch and then presented new Coast Legacy Circle members with their pins. Guest speaker Graham Klag, executive director of the North Coast Watershed Association, gave a presentation on the ecological importance of our local watersheds and habitats.

Members also spent time socializing and sharing why they chose to make conservation a part of their legacy and why they cherish the Oregon Coast.

“Connectivity has been an invaluable feature of NCLC’s success over the past number of years,” Katie says. “It struck me at this event that it isn’t just the connectivity of conserved lands that helps NCLC meet its vision. Maybe even more importantly, it is the connectivity of people to each other and our environment that enables us to continue to strive for thriving ecological communities on the Oregon Coast.”

Thank you to the Loft at the Red Building; Nicolle Landwehr, CFP; and Brut Wine Bar for sponsoring our 2022 CLC Brunch.

About the Coast Legacy Circle

At NCLC, when we make the commitment to care for land in perpetuity, we know that we can only fulfill that promise if we continue to exist and function at our highest level. The Coast Legacy Circle is a group of donors who share a similar understanding.

By including NCLC in their estate plans, it ensures the long-term preservation of our treasured and beautiful Oregon Coast. It also becomes a treasured part of their legacy.

A legacy isn’t only what you leave to the world. A legacy is a statement of your deeply held values. When you add a charitable gift to your will, you help ensure that something you care about deeply today will continue long into the future. And your action may inspire others to follow your example.

Once the decision is made to put a charitable gift in your will, the process is simple. And the beauty of a bequest is that any chosen amount can have an impact—often a far greater and more lasting impact than you might imagine.


View more photos from our May 11 event:

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