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Circle Creek Conservation Center gets a mid-summer tune-up

Intern Jonathan Vellanoweth throwing himself into policeman’s helmet eradication

NCLC’s volunteer Trails and Barn Team joined stewardship staff and volunteers on Saturday, July 21, for a combined work party at Circle Creek. Randall Henderson and his construction team headed to the Big Barn to work on the tool enclosure, a project started by Seaside High School students. Pat Wollner worked with Joyce Hunt and Janet Crosby to muck out the Stewardship Barn in preparation for the arrival of a big dumpster later in the year. Volunteer David Sinclair headed to the Legacy Loop to give the trail a mid-season tune-up. Meanwhile volunteers Vaughn Martin, Penny Abegglen, Eric Halperin, Connie Rodriguez, and Jeff Roehm joined Land Steward Eric Owen, Project Manager Amy Hutmacher, and  the summer stewardship interns at the Wetlands Walk to search and destroy as many rogue policeman’s helmet plants as they could find.

“It was a great group of folks, and we got a lot done,” Pat reports. “I wish I had a video of Janet Crosby when she picked up an old bag of trash and then dropped it suddenly with a yelp as a dozen little fuzzy mice ran out all over our feet. I guess there was a nest in there that was disturbed. It was hilarious!”

Dick Ledgerwood and new volunteer Eric Hunt in the Big Barn

Joyce Hunt and Janet Crosby in the Stewardship Barn













Ernie Amacher

Randall Henderson, Vince Huntington, and Ernie




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