Preserving these magnificent coastal-fronting peaks has long been a dream of coastal residents and visitors for generations, even before this landscape’s ecological significance was recognized. Now one of the state’s leading conservation organizations is laying the groundwork for perpetually protecting 3,500 acres—creating Oregon’s own Rainforest Reserve.

Discover The Wild & Wonderful Rainforest Reserve

A coastal landscape of epic proportions. Basalt cliffs rising high above the rugged shoreline below. Since long before we humans first ascended its peaks to soak up its breathtaking views, these mountains have been home to an abundance of rare and diverse plants and wildlife. Beyond its natural magnificence, these forested mountains play an invisible role in sustaining our everyday lives—cleaning the air we breathe and purifying the waters that quench our thirst. Just as wildlife depends on this land to survive, so do we. Creation of the Rainforest Reserve will create ripples that resonate for generations to come—a legacy that will live forever.

Oregon’s Own ‘Galapagos Islands'

What may look like an ordinary coastal forest is actually extraordinary. An effort is now underway to restore its wild roots.

This Unique Place We Call Home

This iconic mountain range has become a familiar backdrop to the coastal communities clustered at its feet.

Our Anchor for Livability

From the air we breathe to the water we drink, humans’ survival is bound to the well-being of our surroundings.

A Vision Spanning Many Tomorrows

Oregon has a long tradition of conserving important natural landscapes for public benefit.

Reconnecting Our Land and People

Wildlife doesn’t recognize boundaries. Let’s create a corridor of connectivity, one that helps all of us thrive—people, plants, and wildlife.

Invest In Oregon’s Future

The long-envisioned goal to acquire this Rainforest Reserve and restore its wildness has never been more urgent—or more attainable. North Coast Land Conservancy has successfully rallied the community to raise the necessary funds needed to ensure that this invaluable land is held in trust for public benefit forever. We are in the final phases of the acquisition to establish a conservation legacy on Oregon’s iconic northern coast that will be treasured today and far into the future.  Once acquired, an announcement will be made and a celebration will happen! Watch for details.

"It's unlike anywhere else. We can conserve this place, if we make that choice."

Katie Voelke, NCLC Executive Director

"... a dramatic landscape, inspiring to humans and ecologically rich."

Peter Hayes, Hyla Woods & Rainforest Reserve donor

"I'm excited about NCLC's plan ... to provide stewardship for this treasure. It will be there for my grandchildren. That feels very important to me."

Sharon Stern, Rainforest Reserve donor