Public Access Policies


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If you have any questions about NCLC’s public access policies, please contact the NCLC office at 503-728-9126 or send us an email at

We thank you for respecting the properties that we hold in conservation, and appreciate your assistance in our stewardship efforts on the Oregon Coast.

Dogs are not allowed on our properties in order to protect the natural wildlife dynamics.

Fishing is allowed on some properties. Please check individual property pages for fishing access information.

Hunting is allowed on a few properties under certain conditions. Check the property description for more details (search for the property by name on this website).

NCLC Public Access Policies

Yes: For properties listed as open to the public, we ask that you respect the specific guidelines listed on individual property pages. These include Circle Creek Conservation Center and Boneyard Ridge.

Access by kayak and canoe: Properties such as Blind Slough Swamp, John Day River Marsh, and Fishers Point can be accessed by kayak or canoe without prior arrangement with NCLC. We ask that you limit your exploration of the property to what can be experienced from your kayak or canoe, please do not walk around on the property.

Guided: These properties are open to the public as part of an NCLC sponsored event such as our Hands-on Stewardship programs and On The Land outings. Some properties are available for use by schools for educational programs and for other research programs by prior arrangement. Contact the NCLC office for more information.

No: When an NCLC property is listed as having no public access, it is usually because of sensitive habitat issues that make it healthier for the land’s ecosystem that human access be restricted. Access might also be restricted because there is no appropriate public access to that piece of land. (For many of our lands, access is granted to NCLC through adjoining private property.) There is no public access to any of the properties where we hold conservation easements. Thank you for respecting these boundaries.

Our commitment to good land stewardship is at the core of our mission. We seek to balance the biological needs of the land with the interest of the community, always holding true to our core mission: to serve as a resource for Northwestern Oregon coastal communities and landowners to conserve and protect land in perpetuity for its ecological and cultural values.