About Us


North Coast Land Conservancy has been working since 1986 to conserve and connect the landscape of the Oregon Coast, from the Columbia River to northern Lincoln County, by acquiring or otherwise managing lands for their habitat value. With a portfolio of more than 61 fee-title properties, in addition to 15 conservation easements, NCLC has completed more fee acquisitions in Oregon than any other local land trust, ranking it alongside The Nature Conservancy and The Trust for Public Lands for statewide conservation impact. This nationally accredited private, non-profit land trust works to ensure that this extraordinary region is a place where healthy communities of people, plants and wildlife can all thrive.

Helping to conserve Oregon’s coastal lands and waters, forever.

A fully functioning coastal landscape where healthy communities of people, plants and wildlife all thrive.



Seeking Common Ground
We believe that the diversity of backgrounds and experiences of the people who make up the North Coast community provides a rich cultural fabric informing our conservation work, ensuring our relevancy in an ever-changing world. We strive to listen and learn. Regardless of our livelihood, political leaning, gender, sexual orientation, race, or ethnicity, we can all find common ground in the ground itself.

In all our dealings with supporters, partners, and community members, we strive to be the strongest link in the chain. We are reliable, inclusive, dependable, transparent, and honest in our intentions, actions, and communications. We seek to be continually informed and educated by our coastal community and the scientific community to guide our decision-making .

We recognize the interconnectedness of all life on Earth. We work strategically to conserve ecological systems—air, water, soil, and more—that are the basis of all life.

We take delight in our work and treasure laughter in the workplace and in the world. We enjoy experiencing the natural world and seek opportunities to share it with others. Our baseline attitude is optimism.