Circle Creek Discovered

April 25, 2016


When: Friday, July 1, 10 am to noon
Where: Circle Creek Habitat Reserve, Seaside 
Led by: Neal Maine


Join naturalist and photographer Neal Maine for a morning dedicated to slowing down and observing the dynamic processes at work in the Sitka spruce swamp accessed from the Circle Creek Trail. Rather than focusing on the names of the plants and animals we see, we will attempt to see the plants and animals with fresh eyes, leading to a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of the forest and those that dwell and visit there—including ourselves. This “Seton Watch” outing is an opportunity to sit quietly and simply observe the natural world, engaging your eyes, ears, nose, skin, mind, and heart. It is named for writer, illustrator, and naturalist Ernest Thompson Seton (1860-1946), best known for his nature stories told from the perspective of wild animals.

After a 30-year career as an award-winning biology teacher at Seaside High School, NEAL MAINE became the first executive director of North Coast Land Conservancy in 2003. Since his retirement from NCLC in 2010, he has pursued his passion to make deeper connections to the coastal system, using photography to record some of his experiences and to develop greater public appreciation of living in what he considers paradise.

Outing info: We will walk a total of 0.8 mile to and around Circle Creek Trail and back. The walk is mostly level but includes walking on an uneven path and crossing narrow footbridges over creeks. No toilets on site. No dogs allowed on site.

What to bring: Water, snacks, and a folding camp chair. (We will provide a few folding chairs and binoculars, but bring your own if you have them.)


  1. Pamela Wev says:

    Please sign me up for the July 1 hike at Circle Creek. And add me o your email list. Thanks!!!