New office space for NCLC

December 19, 2012

About a week after we lost our office at Circle Creek to a fire, Conservation Director Jon Wickersham swung another property deal for NCLC.  Not the wetland or forest acreage he usually deals with, but the rental of new office space for staff and volunteers to operate out of while we regroup and figure out our next steps.

Volunteer and former NCLC land steward Austin Tomlinson helped Conservation Director Jon Wickersham get our new office furninture in place

We’ve been gradually moving in, getting phone lines and internet connections reset and slowly figuring out what furniture and supplies we need.  Jon got us a great deal on some great office furninture, and Neal Maine brought over some of his beautiful photographs to hang on the walls and brighten the place up a bit.

Executive Director Katie Voelke and her 1-month old son Eli stop by to check out the new NCLC office space in Seaside

Volunteer Jim Towell stopped by with a framed Neal Maine photo from his house that he hung in the office for us. “I just couldn’t stand how stark white it was in here after all the color and character you had going on out at Circle Creek,” he told us. With help from great friends like Jim, this place is going to be full of character in no time!

We’re working on a Wish List that will be posted soon letting all of our wonderful friends and supporters know what we are still in need of to get back on track.

Former NCLC board member Doug Ray contined his tradition of going above and beyond for NCLC, helping make sure our new office space was furninshed and functional

If you’ve tried to call in the past and have not been able to get through, our phone number is working again: 503.738.9126. Our mailing address remains the same, P.O. Box 67, Seaside, OR 97138.

If you’re in Seaside and want to stop by to say hello, we’re now located in the strip mall just south of Safeway on Highway 101,  in bewteen our favorite print shop Lazerquick and the A-1 Nail Salon.

It’s more than a bit different from having our office in the middle of a 364-acre nature preserve, but we’re all adjusting and the important thing is: we have an office, and are getting back to work.

Thanks to everyone for all the good wishes, warm messages of support, financial donations and a whole lot of much needed hugs.  It means so much to everyone at NCLC to know that our community of friends and supporters are cheering us on to keep moving forwards. We truly can’t do it without you!


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