Hands-On Stewardship: Broom-Busting Onion Peak

December 10, 2014

OnionPeak_MP_webSaturday, May 30
10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Arch Cape


Each May staff and volunteers with North Coast Land Conservancy focus on removing invasive Scotch broom on our properties. This year a team of NCLC volunteers will head to 387-acre Onion Peak Habitat Reserve, at the southern end of our Coastal Edge Conservation Initiative, to attack Scotch broom growing in clearings in this special preserve characterized by rare and endemic plants. Advance registration is required to participate in this stewardship day; if you’d like to help, contact NCLC Stewardship Director Melissa Reich at 503-738-9126 or melissar@nclctrust.org. Wear sturdy boots and gloves. Bring drinking water and lunch; there will be no toilets or potable water on site.

marilyn-b-broom-buster-day-2013-webProperty owners are encouraged to remove Scotch broom and other invasive plants from their own properties during May—”Broom Buster Month” on the north coast. Click for more information and tips. Widely planted and admired in the early 20th century for its bright yellow blossoms, Scotch broom out-competes native plants and is turning our open coastal prairies into a monoculture of dense, weedy shrubs, destroying the habitat that many coastal animals need to survive.

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