Gear up to save the world!

January 29, 2021

Did you know you can be a superhero in your own community?

When we conserve land on the Oregon Coast, everyone benefits. These protected properties provide safe habitat for wildlife. They offer a landscape where native plants can thrive. They enrich communities, insulate drinking water sources, and contribute to mitigating the effects of climate change. However, none of that happens without dedicated support and intentional action from community members just like you!

The superheroes who support NCLC and our mission of “helping to conserve Oregon’s coastal lands, forever,” come in all shapes and sizes. For example, you become a Sustaining Steward if you make automatic, recurring monthly contributions to NCLC. In this way, you can have a big impact by helping to provide NCLC with a more predictable cash flow that supports our conservation efforts from the Columbia River to Siletz Bay.

There’s no restriction when it comes to the amount. Whether you can commit to $5 per month or $100 per month, it truly makes a difference in terms of long-term sustainability. After all, in the face of widescale challenges, such as climate change and pandemics, we need all hands on deck!

Signing up to become a Sustaining Steward is easy. You can do it in any of these three ways:

  1. Click the DONATE button at and indicate that you would like to make a recurring donation.
  2. Set up a direct payment option (similar to bill pay) with your personal bank; call us at 503-738-9126 to ask how!
  3. Send a monthly check (made out to “North Coast Land Conservancy”) to our mailing address, PO Box 67 Seaside OR 97138.

Sustaining Stewards can increase, decrease or stop donations at any time with a phone call or by emailing!

If you sign up during our “Gear Up to Save the World!” campaign, from Feb. 1 to Feb. 14, you will receive a sweet Rainforest Reserve face covering in return (we could all use a new one right about now!) so you can keep playing your part in helping our community overcome this pandemic. Gear up, superhero!



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