Pull Purple Loosestrife on the Columbia

August 25, 2018

Saturday, August 25
10 am to 2 pm
Wolf Bay Habitat Reserve
Svensen (east of Astoria)

Spend a day at beautiful Wolf Bay Habitat Reserve and help rid the marsh of the purple menace! Invasive purple loosestrife grows along the lower Columbia and spreads easily, threatening to overwhelm the diverse wetland ecology of this area and crowding out native plants such as cattail and wapato, which feed native wildlife. It’s not hard to pull; the roots separate easily from the saturated soil in the tidal bay. We lay the pulled weeds on high ground, where they dry out and decompose without causing further harm.

Wear rubber boots and gloves; NCLC will provide the needed tools. Bring your own drinking water and lunch. There are no toilets or potable water on site. If you’d like to help, contact NCLC Project Manager Amy Hutmacher at 503-738-9126, amyh@nclctrust.org, for details and directions.

The Wolf Bay loosestrife pull is Day 1 of a two-day partnership with The Nature Conservancy to attack purple loosestrife growing along the lower Columbia. On Sunday, volunteers will be weeding in nearby Blind Slough by canoe and kayak. Those wishing to participate Sunday as well must also participate in the Saturday loosestrife pull at Wolf Bay and in a canoe orientation session following the weed pulling. Sign up for The Nature Conservancy’s Aug. 26 work party here  (space is limited). Read more about purple loosestrife.