De-vine intervention at Skipanon Forest

January 26, 2019

Saturday, Jan. 26
10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Skipanon Forest

NCLC is planning an ivy removal stewardship day at our Skipanon Forest Habitat Reserve, bordering both sides of the Skipanon River in Warrenton. The spruce forest-and-swamp habitat type that characterizes the property is considered globally rare.  We scheduled this stewardship day in the winter, when the deciduous vegetation has died back and it’s a little easier to move around, but you can still expect rough walking. Most of the ivy at Skipanon Forest is growing on large Sitka spruce trees, but we may find some on the ground as well. We’ll be using handsaws, loppers, and other tools to remove this invasive vine.

Please e-mail Stewardship Director Melissa Reich at or call her at 503-738-9126 if you plan to attend. Or just show up!

MEETING SITE: Google map directions to the meeting location are here. Park on the south end of Dolphin Avenue on the north side of the road barricade. You will access Dolphin Avenue from Fort Stevens Hwy Spur/104S or from the west side of the parking lot to Dollar Tree/Petco/Staples.

BRING: You will be accessing ivy trees in a swamp; please wear your rubber boots! The access down to the swamp may require passing through some blackberry vines, so you will also want to wear sturdy field clothes that will protect you and won’t rip. NCLC will provide loppers and hand saws, but if you have your own tools and are willing to bring them, please do. Also bring water and your lunch; snacks and refreshments will be provided.

There is no potable water at the site, and no toilets. Dogs are not allowed on any NCLC properties.