Invest In Oregon’s Future

What began as a distant dream is now in clear view. The long-envisioned goal to acquire this Rainforest Reserve and restore its wildness has never been more urgent—or more attainable. North Coast Land Conservancy is rallying the community to raise the $10 million needed to ensure that this invaluable land is held in trust for public benefit forever. This opportunity may not come again. This is your chance to establish a conservation legacy on Oregon’s iconic northern coast that will be treasured today and far into the future.


Share Your Love for The North Coast

The goal of acquiring and rewilding this 3,500-acre Rainforest Reserve is the single most important endeavor North Coast Land Conservancy has undertaken in its more than 30-year history. Conservation at this scale—ridgeline to reef—is unprecedented in Oregon. And this ambitious feat has never been so attainable. The wheels have been set in motion. Success relies on generous donors like you: people willing to personally invest in this legacy. Our contributions now will resonate for generations to come.

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Join those who have already invested in this unprecedented opportunity. This may be the greatest conservation acquisition made in your lifetime. Your donation is the key to success.


Many who wish to make a meaningful contribution to the Rainforest Reserve choose to spread the amount over several years. Your pledge of one, two, three or even five years’ support will help to secure the Rainforest Reserve.

Leave a Legacy

Naming North Coast Land Conservancy in your estate plans ensures ongoing stewardship for the Rainforest Reserve. Contact us to learn more about NCLC’s legacy giving program.

Questions? Contact Katie Voelke, NCLC Executive Director, at 503-738-9126 or