When Oregon’s first state park superintendent created Oswald West and Nehalem Bay parks beginning in the 1930s, he believed they were just the start of an “outstanding natural park” stretching from the ocean shore to the tops of the adjacent coastal-fronting mountains. North Coast Land Conservancy and its partners are now poised to advance Samuel Boardman’s vision.


“In the acquisition of [Oswald West] State Park, there has always dwelt an ulterior motive—to secure the adjoining mountain range extending northeasterly, starting with Neahkahnie Mountain which is already part of the park. This coastal range has  many peaks, among the most notable being Angora, Onion, and Sugarloaf …
“We have one of the greatest opportunities for creating one of the outstanding natural parks in the nation through this superior mountain range, plus the already acquired seven miles of ocean frontage. In few places in the nation do you find a mountain range precipitating itself into the ocean.”
Samuel Boardman
Oregon State Parks superintendent