Securing the Oregon Coast for our Children’s Children

It takes centuries to grow a forest. Much of the land within the proposed Rainforest Reserve has been logged repeatedly since the 1800s, though pockets of old growth remain.  The same was true for many coastal headlands when they were acquired for the Oregon State Park system in the early 1900s. Clear-cut and devoid of trees when they first became parks, today these headlands are again lush with spruce and hemlock forests that continue to grow, providing places for wildlife to roam and people to enjoy.

Rewilding the Rainforest Reserve will not be completed in our lifetime. But if we act now to conserve this land forever, our descendants will enjoy the fruits of our work: a fully functioning Oregon coastal landscape where healthy communities of people, plants and wildlife all thrive.

“I’m excited about the North Coast Land Conservancy’s endeavor to purchase these lands, to maintain them, and to provide stewardship for this treasure.

“I know that in my lifetime it probably won’t be coming back to its original condition. But I know it will be there for my grandchildren. That feels very important to me.”

Sharon Stern
North Coast Land Conservancy donor