Admit it: moths are cute

Posted on July 27, 2020

Insect Appreciation Month wrapped up yesterday, and with it, NCLC’s month-long insect bioblitz on iNaturalist. Sixteen observers took part, collectively racking up 1,333 observations. Among them were a number of moths (not coincidentally, the third week of Insect Appreciation Month more

Happy to watch what comes by

Posted on June 23, 2020

Thirty people from Astoria to Waldport participated in NCLC’s first Great Coastal Backyard Bird Count on June 6, inspired by the need to stay close to home this spring. Among them was NCLC’s Land Steward Eric Owen. Here is his more

Watching killdeer, and celebrating life

Posted on May 14, 2020

This male is returning to take his turn incubating the eggs, which are hard to distinguish from the parking lot gravel. The pair started by scraping a slight depression in the gravel, then enhanced it with sticks of wood and more

The Little Neawannas: Walking to Salmonberry Knoll

Posted on April 15, 2020

Jeff Roehm is one of NCLC’s most active volunteers. He splits his time among Portland, where he has lived most of his life; Manzanita, where he has a second home; and Seaside, where he grew up and where he serves more

The green leaves that make the world run

Posted on March 31, 2020

  When naturalist Neal Maine looks at a tree—or a single leaf, as in the photo above—he doesn’t just see the tree, or the shrub. He sees a gigantic solar panel. Check it out: Photosynthesis, the encyclopedia reminds us, is more