Map of protected properties

The red outline denotes our service area.
Light red areas are NCLC properties or easements.
Click on an area to bring up a page with details about the property.

NCLC properties map

Pacific Wetlands Pacific Ridge Clear Lake Gardenia Wetland Ridge Road Swamp Creep and Crawl Lake Rock Creek Forest Easement Waterwood Cedar Creek Easement Fishers Point Nehalem Bend Coal Creek Swamp Soapstone Easement Shorewood Wetlands Ecola Road Wetlands Necanicum Forest North Fork Necanicum Circle Creek Shangrila Thompson Creek and Stanley Marsh Neawanna Easement Salt Grass Meadow Salmonberry Knoll Wahanna Marsh E Street Wetlands Lincoln Street Easement Eighth Street Forest Mantel Lake Avenue I Marsh Neawanna Point Little Neacoxie Wetlands Mill Creek Wetlands Easement Royal Chinook Wetlands Neacoxie Forest Shamrock Pines Wetlands Butterfield Fen Pinehurst Surf Pines Prairie Prairie Easement Neacoxie Estates Reed Ranch Silverspot Meadows Yeon Easement Crosel Creek Wolf Bay Twilight Eagle Sanctuary John Day River Marsh Wild Ace Lake Sand Creek Wetlands Skipanon Forest at Warrenton High School Skipanon Forest Cottongrass Lake Beaver Ridge Point