How We Work

Conservation Director Jon Wickersham explores a potential NCLC acquisition

We are all a part of Oregon’s coastal landscape:  people, wildlife, farmers, small businesses, developers, corporations, schools municipalities, and private landowners all coexist and depend on trees, plants, soil,
water, roads, buildings and bridges. We are all active participants in the complex community of the coastal bioregion we live in, and we all share the responsibility of its stewardship now and in to the future.

At North Coast Land Conservancy, we focus our stewardship actions with a mission that holds conservation at its core. Whether we are working on land acquisition projects, facilitating habitat development or participating in outreach programs with the community, our feet remain firmly rooted to the land, as we look ahead to our goal:  a fully functioning coastal landscape where healthy communities of people, plants and wildlife all thrive.

Conservation Strategies
How NCLC works to protect land on the North Oregon Coast.

Stewardship Strategies
How NCLC cares for the land that we hold in conservation.