Hands-on Stewardship

Want an insider’s look at some of the most beautiful places on Oregon’s north coast? Are you willing to put in a few hours of work to ensure that these places stay beautiful forever? Then consider joining us for a stewardship event.

Some of these volunteer work parties are short, easy and family-friendly; others require a greater commitment of time and effort. Wintertime events often involve planting native species; summertime events typically involve eradicating invasive species (pulling weeds). All will likely leave you muddy, tired, and glowing with the satisfaction of a meaningful job well done. NCLC will supply the tools needed. Bring gloves, sturdy boots (or rubber boots, as necessary), rain gear, drinking water, and any snacks you desire. Typically, we do not have access to toilets or potable water. Bring lunch if it is a day-long event.

Our 2017 Listening to the Land poster includes winter-spring stewardship events. Download poster
NOTE: Some details on poster have changed. This website has the most current information.

Beginning in May, join us for Weed Warrior Wednesdays